Caffeine please!

Good morning. It is before 0500 and the rain is softly pelting my tin roof, it’s melody is slowly causing me to drift back off to sleep. The Mountain Dew that I am drinking is not doing its job this morning. I may have to try something stronger if I am going to wake up this morning.

The flea market may be slow today if it is raining in Tennessee today. However, the show must go on. I am hoping that this is not the case. As Christmas approaches, I find that I need more money not less of it. After all, the amazing food of the season is not free. Speaking of Christmas, where did this year go? 

This is going to wrap it up for my morning blog. I am off in search of some massive dose of caffeine to rip me out of my descent back into sleep. Take care of yourselves. 

Freeman out!

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