My purpose for writing.

This morning, I came upon an interesting question on Twitter. The question was, “Do you read people’s bio before you follow them? Do you not follow them if you disagree with them politically? Does it even matter?” I went back to respond but it is buried under a mountain of tweets. 

So, I figure that I would address this in my blog. In order of the questions, here are my answers: No, no, and no. Or no cubed. As an aspiring novelist why would I splinter my fan base (if I achieve a novel worthy of buyers)? In my life, I have been many things. An activist is not one of them.  I am often told that I am uncaring, lackadaisical, and emotionless. In many regards those accusations have merit. 

However, it can’t be said that I don’t know where I stand on any number of issues. I write to express my thoughts. Entertainment is also another reason that I write. We have enough people who are in entertainment spouting off their political views, why would I put my stance on Twitter? You know that someone, somewhere is bound to find it offensive. It is the way of the world that we live in.

To clarify my position, unless I am writing for a specific audience (conservative or liberal) the sole purpose of my writing  is to entertain people. Therefore, it makes no sense for me to bash my audience with my political club until they vomit. The goal of writing should be to bring levity to some person’s world. We share characters that undergo tribulations and trials. To tell a story and bring a smile, chuckle or guffaw with our wordplay. At least that is my goal when I write. 

That will do it for this episode of rantings and ravings from a redneck. You guys take care. 

Freeman out.

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