Crows Neck, and the power of water.

Today, I went for a small ride to a recreational area named Crows Neck. It is a boat launching area for the local fishermen. A pier stretches into the water and I walked out as far as I could reach. As I made my way to the end, I noticed that the garbage can was chained to a post. The lid was chained to the can. What kind of world do we live in when people will steal garbage cans? 

The water level was low so I gazed out upon the lake. I could make out cypress knots jutting out of the ground around some of the trees. Usually, we never see them due to the water level. The thought hit me, there is always more to the situation than what is on the surface. Just because we can’t see the cypress knots does not diminish their existence. The wind was blistering coming off of the lake. I need something to break this wind.

I grew tired of my view on the pier, so I made my way to the other side of the area. There is a docking area next to the boat ramp. I made my way over to it. I walked out and stood on the aluminum dock. There was a lone boat churning through the choppy waves. As I stood on the dock, the waves would roll in and break upon the shoreline. It was the most comforting sound. My grandfather always told me, “You can find peace at the lake. All you have to do is listen.” So, I did just that. As I listened the fury of my heart grew silent. My mind cleared and I was able to move past the problems that were bothering me.

There is something powerful about water. The sound of running water is comforting. Peaceful. Serene. I find that I can be retrospective when I am around water. Sometimes, it is needed to gain a new perspective. Or to check your bearings. When I first got divorced, I would spend a lot of time near water. It allowed me to think and move past my failures. 

That is going to do it for this blog. Mind how you go.

Freeman out.

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