Life in a phobia-centric society.

I am hesitant to even attempt to convey my thoughts on this subject. However, I am going to power through my hesitancy. This morning, I came upon an article that I could not stomach. It was very well written, however, the material it covered made it impossible for me to finish reading it. The article was about the fictional character of Apollo Creed.

Let me get this out of the way. I am a huge fan of the Rocky movies. Apollo Creed was a great character which served as a catalyst for the entire series. Opponent. Mentor. Coach. Apollo did it all. One would be hard pressed to make the argument that Rocky would have achieved his victories if there had not been an Apollo Creed. So, now that I have shown some love for this specific character, let me transition back to this article that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

The article was about how the Rocky movies were racist to Apollo Creed. He deserved better according to this article. As a matter of fact that was the title of it if I am not mistaken. Apollo Creed-you deserved better. It is on LongReads I believe. Anyway, I don’t have a problem with the author making the claim that the movies were racist to Apollo but it made me start thinking about our society as a whole.

Have you ever heard the story about the boy that cried wolf? Eventually, the wolf shows up and wipes out the town. That is my view on the shrill cries of racism, sexism, Islamaphobic, transphobic, and all of the other cries of this or that.If everyone is crying wolf, we tend to overlook those that have really suffered at the hands of the above listed phobias. We as a society are so quick to jump on the bandwagon of the newest craze that we don’t even consider that it may be a false flag. 

God forbid, that we take the time to verify the truth of an allegation. Our society is so divided that if someone even mentions verifying the truth, that we are viewed as hating women. Or being racist. Or sexist. When the truth is that we want to be sure that the right people are being punished for committing the action that they are accused of. Where could I possibly find an example of jumping the gun on an allegation? The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh is a prime example of people just believing an accusation with no evidence to back up the claim.

In no manner am I saying that racism, sexism, Islamphobia, transphobia or any other hateful thing doesn’t exist. Trust me, I have seen people do some horrible things because of their fear and belief systems. However, is it as prevalent as the media and other sources would have us believe? No. It is not. There will always be people who think that racism or sexism is the key to keeping our society balanced. That does not mean that they are correct. Everything is not racist. Sometimes, we just have a different opinion from someone else. Every man is not out to abuse their power and lord it over women. Do some men do this? Sure, there are always bad apples. However, punishing every man for the actions of a few is wrong.

Politicians keep selling the pipe dream of equality for all. I have a question about this. Did we all get the same start as Donald Trump’s kids? What about the same start as the Clinton children? No? We are not given the same starting line, just like we are not all promised an equal reward. Some of the poorest kids I know, struggled and tried until they rose above their circumstances. Their parents did not make excuses for them. They didn’t focus on what the “rich kids” were doing. Hard work and determination lifted them above their circumstances. A dogged work ethic propelled them higher than they ever dreamed.

Our society seems to be stuck on the pigment of each other’s skin. I truly wish that everyone was colorblind. Then perhaps we could move on past “racism”. However, that is not how that works. It is 2018, almost 2019 and mentally our society is stuck in the 1860’s. Instead of looking at how far we have come, we choose to focus on the fact that racism still exists. We must eradicate racism before we can move on! Good luck. As long as there is more than one race, there will be racism. Human nature will always seek someone to blame for their shortcomings. Racism can be traced all the way back to the beginning of time. Egyptians vs. Jews. Christians vs. Muslims. Hate will always find a way to seep into the strongest of societies.

What happened to us being able to live our lives the way that we chose without someone blasting us for our verbiage? Once upon a time in America, you could have your opinion. You could state it and share it with people who shared your mentality. If someone did not like it, they moved on to somewhere else. As long as you were not harming someone else with your thoughts and actions, everything was fine. Yet, in today’s society if you are not a member of the masses, you are a racist. As one candidate claimed, you are a deplorable if you are not with them and their thought process. Sure, that always makes things better. Label people, slander their names, drag them through the mud, until they agree with you.

Once upon a time in America, slandering people with no evidence was wrong. Labeling people racist, sexist, or any of the other derogatory verbiage was a crime.  It was viewed as hateful as people dressing up in bed sheets and burning crosses in your neighbors’ yard. Once you ruin a person’s name, there is no recovering from it. Time will tell if we can right our society and stop helping make the divide grow wider. If each of us would take the time to help each other, to encourage one another, and to be better today than we were yesterday, things would turn out fine. 

However, so many of our political and religious leaders are cheerleaders for our society’s destruction. Kick them while they are down! No civility! They cheer when political leaders wish death on their opponents. Anything goes in this crazy world. I am not a fan of it. If anything goes, then get ready to be treated like you have been treating everyone else. We are hopelessly lost and adrift in our society. Yet, people choose to view this massive cluster as progress. If you value a society that operates off of the principle of the strong eating the weak, I hope that you aren’t weak.

I am going to close my blog here. This subject gives me a headache. It is my fondest wish that you all have a wonderful day today. It is the time of reindeer, hot chocolate, and presents. Enjoy your holiday season. 

Freeman out.

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