The undeniable attraction of art.

My lifelong attraction with art started when I saw a picture of the Mona Lisa. DA Vinci’s painting has probably served as a stepping stone for many art enthusiast throughout the centuries. It is a compelling piece of art that has made many people query as to what was the driving force behind that particular piece. To me, it is a piece of art that stirs feelings of self-reflection.

Throughout my twenties, I did not acquire oil paintings to decorate my house. It is a regret of mine that I did not buy any art pieces until I was in my forties. However, the past few years I have bought a variety of pieces that I enjoy having around me. Many days when I struggle to fill my blog with some unsolicited article, these pieces serve as my inspiration. 

Art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I genuinely do not believe that  every person comes away with the same exact feelings when viewing certain pieces of art. Where one individual may see a light in the darkness, another may see something totally different. That is the compelling attraction of art. It stirs feelings deep in our souls that may enlighten us or frighten us. It is dependent upon the material that we are viewing and our perspective.

There are various venues of art. Music, novels, paintings, comics, poetry and pencil are some of the many venues. Artists often have multiple sources of inspiration. I find inspiration in people. Strolling through the nearest Walmart and watching people interact with others is often enough to engage my gears. The masterful works of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Mozart and so many more have stood the test of time. They have inspired countless artists throughout the ages.

As I attempt to write my first novel, I am often reminded that Rome was not built in a day. Any undertaking is built in steps. The effort required is steeped in perseverance, determination, and quite literally sweat and tears. However, when we reach the pinnacle of our achievement, the taste of victory can be savored. Find your inspiration. Seek your balance and overcome your odds. Chance favors the prepared mind.

Take care of yourselves, and I will chat with you all soon.

Freeman out.

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