My morning so far….

The morning started off with a bang. Literally. I fell off of the couch. Muttering under my breath, I climbed back on and tried to doze back off into restless slumber. It didn’t work. As I got ready to go into town, I noticed that I appeared to have visibly aged over night. No time to worry about that now! You have bills to pay! I snuggled with my pup for a moment and then drove my truck into town. The soft colors of the sunrise broke the sky, and immediately lifted my spirit. What a wonderful day to be alive. Thank you Lord for letting me have another chance to get it right.

I was early, so I stopped by the ATM to draw out the cash needed for my bill. The bank finally opened. They had just had a new sign put in to advertise their new 24-hour ATM. As usual the crew stood around admiring their handiwork. Finally, I made my way across the small lobby to pay my bill. One of the joys of living in a small town is that you are easily recognized. The teller chit-chatted with me a moment and then printed my receipt out. 

The next stop was Dollar General to pick up Chunk some soft dog food. After perusing the selection, I made my pick and headed to the cashier. She spoke, and I spoke back. Do you have big plans for the holidays? Do you have all your shopping done? Shying away from the intrusive questions, my phone rang and it was someone needing help to load a generator on Friday. Smiling, I shrugged at the cashier and completed my purchase. 

Then it was to my parents to check on them and eat a bite of breakfast. Sausage and gravy, biscuits and grits completed the morning meal. Now, I am back home about to start working on my novel. Right after laundry, and house cleaning. 

You guys take care.

Freeman out.

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