GM is leaving….

So, General Motors has decided to close five locations in America. According to an article that I skimmed this morning, it is putting about 15% of employees out of work, during the holidays no less. Of course, the jackals and hyenas are circling, blasting the current president for their decision to pack up and leave. Is it Trump’s fault? Or is it due to shoddy management?

If I am not mistaken, this is the same company that took a little over ten billion dollars in bailout money that was provided on the back of the taxpayers. The CEO of GM had to resign to receive the bailout, however that does not mean that the rest of the management team and board members left also. Could it be feasible that the same people that put GM in this position to be bailed out,  is now in charge of making this new mess? Why is it that here in America if a company or bank can’t stand on their own merits, that it is upon the taxpayers money to prop them up?

They aren’t shutting the doors on the factories in Mexico. Here is how I see it. If you are an American company and you do not want to operate here in America, then you should not be allowed to sell your product here. Yes, I am aware that this is not sound economic advice. However, I am tired of seeing the American worker suffer because management teams are greedy and refuse to operate within the parameters of their own company.

I often look at taxpayers as a vehicle. The government takes us for a spin, refuses to change the oil,  doesn’t give us a tune-up when  we need it, and runs us with flat tires. Eventually, the vehicle breaks down. As my grandfather always told me, “Son, you can’t get blood from a turnip!” Why this concept is difficult to grasp is beyond me. When there is no money left to give, they still want their money. Perhaps, it is time to switch leadership in Washington as well. I am referring to Senators and Congress.

According to the article, “The Auto Bailout 10 Years Later: Was It the Right Call?” Eighty billion dollars were spent trying to keep Chrysler and GM afloat. That is an astronomical sum of money to be given to correct shoddy management. Now you want to pick up and leave. After a decade of you abusing the taxpayers and their trust. Good riddance. Don’t bring your crap back. If they want to leave, I say let them go. However, before they leave, they provide every employee they are putting out of work with a severance package. We get our billions of dollars of bailout money back and then they leave. Until then, they stay right here.

The taxpayers have bailed out the banks, the auto industry and to some degree the housing industry. When the government was making these decisions, not once did they seek the taxpayers input. They decided to take our money, and bail these greedy (enter your choice words here) out. It is this type of “leadership” that sinks empires. An example would be the Roman Empire. Between the Senate and Nero they brought the whole empire to ruination. It will be no different with us.

Well, I better end it here. You guys take care and I will catch up with you soon.

Freeman out.

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