The old ways.

Every Friday, I wake up and head to Tennessee to operate my parents flea market. We are open on Friday and Saturday. It is a time of enjoyment for me because contrary to popular belief, I like people. As I sit in our shop attempting to make a couple of extra dollars, it never fails that I meet people who are still stuck on the old way of doing things. 

These people still use landlines, grow their own crops, can the goods they get from their gardens, hunt, fish and make their own repairs. Why do I need to buy a new shovel when the handle breaks? I will put in a new handle. It makes sense to me. I listen to them amble on how life was much simpler in the old days. Many days I find myself wishing that my life was that uncomplicated. 

I enjoy modern convenience. Cell phones are nice to have. Where would I be if there was no internet? I certainly would not be blogging. Central air and heat is nice. There are many good things that have happened since the technological revolution has occurred. However, there are downsides to all of the good parts of modern convenience. We no longer have conversations with each other. Social media has ruined our culture. Every time you look around, people are staring at their phones. There are always two sides to the coin.

Yet, the old ways can’t be discounted. We didn’t poison the ground that we grew our crops in. Our cattle did not eat poisoned grass. We spoke to our neighbors. We helped each other when times were hard. In no sense were we rich but we had enough and we were thankful to have it. As a society we were more pleasant, well-mannered, and we were not so easily butthurt. Duty, honor and country summed up what we as a nation were about. We were generous and caring.  These are the values that I have come to cherish as I grow older.

Time continues to pass us by, and it seems that the more it goes on, the worse we as a society become. All is not doom and gloom however. There are still people who refuse to allow the doomsayers to darken their world. They continue to smile, to laugh and to love. These people are those that impact our world and make it a better place, just by being in it.  

Well, I better end this blog here. I value the lessons of yesterday and the ways that things were done. I also value the convenience of modern life. Alas, time waits for no man or woman or whatever. You guys take it easy and I will catch you all next time.

Take care. Freeman out.

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