Rainy Sunday morning…

It has been raining here in North Mississippi this morning. The dark clouds seem to hold no limit on the water that keeps pelting the earth. I have not been up very long. I cracked my eyes open about half an hour ago. 

I have been rummaging through my blog, and noticed that often times my blog seems to be only about a few thoughts. Politics, religion and on the rare occasion sports. Love is another subject that has been written about a few times. I have no idea why I thought I would share my thoughts about love. By no means am I a subject matter expert in that regard!

Why do I bother writing about politics or religion? Both of these subjects are divisive. There are multiple perspectives to consider, sides to be taken, and they usually end in a full scale argument. Feelings are often hurt because we decided to risk speaking about them. Yet, the same thing applies to sports. I have seen no end of arguments, and near fisticuffs over whose team is superior. Is no topic safe? Do we really learn anything if we cater only to those who share our perspective?

Since I was a small boy, I have been an Alabama fan. My father is one, and it came naturally for me to become one. I have watched as my team has been slapped with NCAA sanctions. Through the lean years, and the good years, I have been a Roll Tide fan. Coaches come and go, but the program rocks on. Coach Saban seeks perfection in every game. He is unsatisfied with anything less than a well-executed game plan. Personally, I find his hunger to win to be a good thing. Leadership should start at the top. It should make its way down to the lowest level, and the coach’s example should be emulated. That is the way it has always been.

However, not everyone shares my taste in sports teams, religious fervor, or political parties. So, how does one cultivate an audience without catering to only one side? That is the question that I am facing now. One person mentioned advertising my blog. Use social media to put the word out that you write a daily blog. Yet, this method seems to be limited to friends and family. I have done so, I share my blogs on Facebook. I like the share feature on WordPress. This website is full of advantages for aspiring writers to use.

Ah well, I will eventually figure it all out. One day, it will all come together. Until then, Roll Tide, Hallelujah, and Lord help us! You guys take care.

Freeman out.

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