Back to normal….maybe!

Finally, I am back to typing on a laptop! Blogging on a phone is problematic at best, and down right horrible at its worst. Thanks to the lady that has entered my life and made it better than I ever could imagine, I now have a laptop to blog on. Thanks sweetheart!

Hopefully, this will make it easier to stay current and continue my writing. The month of November was the Nanowrimo challenge, needless to say I did not write anything for it. Every day, I felt like I was letting someone down. I was, I let myself down. Two days prior to the challenge, my computer decided to take a dump on me. Thus, my lack of anything even resembling a novel. I had already created a concept of what the novel was going to be. I wrote the first five thousand words. Then I lost it all. I digress. It happened, time to box that up and ship it off somewhere else.

Thankfully, I am able to start anew. The same idea, this time it will be written and completed.

Ya’ll take care.

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