My brother…..

I have the world’s best brother. He has always been my best friend. From the time that I first met him, I knew he was going to play an a vital tole in my life.

We went to school, built clubhouses, and talked about who we thought were the prettiest girls. I chose to play the field and he got married at 17. Shortly thereafter, my nephew was born.  The dynamic had changed.

We slowly drifted apart. He and his new wife worked on building their new life together. I vanished into my social life. We both worked at a dairy in Hattiesburg and we would catch a ride together to the job. It was always good times.

At 26, I settled down. Before the year was out my wife was pregnant. We lost our child. My brother was right beside me to help me through this time of trouble. Just like he had been through all of the break-ups when I was single.

After 9/11, I joined the US Army. This decision hurt my brother for many years. Our relationship stayed strong but he worried about his brother. After my retirement we reconnected and it was like things never changed.

I love my brother. Through the ups and downs, the hurt and pain, my brother has proven to be faithful through it all. I can’t picture my life without him in it. It’s the small moments that make this life great. Enjoy the people who God placed in your life.

Take care.

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