Lost time….

Good morning! For the past half hour I have struggled with the concept of time. Lost time specifically.

It seems that time is slippery. Where did the time go? Earlier this week, I had some health concerns. I got lightheaded, my heart hurt and my breath came in short bursts. Oh my God, I am dying! Obviously, I didn’t but for a few minutes it felt like I was.

We put so much effort in being busy that we tend to forget that we have limited time in which to accomplish the important things. I must push myself! Yeah about that. One day you will fall down from exhaustion and life will smash you. No one ever passed away knowing that everything was taken care of.

Instead, they wish for a few more breaths to take care of the most important part of their lives. I hope Susie knows I love her! Life, seems to move faster and faster. We are like hamsters on the wheel. Constantly in motion but going nowhere. Bills must be paid! I want a new house! These clothes don’t make me look fat! On an on it goes until our time is gone.

Instead of lying on your deathbed wishing that you had more time, we should maximize the time that we have. Life is too short to be unhappy, too long to be miserable. There are always risk, however, risk can be mitigated.

I think that perhaps it is time that I reevaluate my priorities. No pun intended. Make time for the important things, stop stressing about life and learn to let go of the past. We are only here for a little while. Learn to find the joy in living. God bless you all.

Take care.

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