More musings about caravans…..

This morning, I have had a few thoughts about this caravan that is trying to enter our country illegally. First, as a Christian, my heart does go out to these folks. The Bible commands us to love our fellow man as He loves us. I don’t know that this group of people means to harm my country anymore than I know that they are here for a better life.

Second, this is a nation of laws. The Bible says to be subject to those that are in power over you. Scripture shows that every time that a ruler called upon the Christian leaders they appeared before them. Thus, Christians should follow the law. According to the Constitution, we are all equals under the law. Therefore, it makes sense that these caravans are expected to abide by the laws of our country.

Yes, I have compassion for these folks. However, they put themselves in this situation. If this situation escalates and becomes dangerous, they put themselves in harms way. I hope that this situation can be settled peacefully.

There are my thoughts on this current issue.

Take care.

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