Refugees, caravans, and the rule of law.

I have kept my peace on this caravan of people that have marched across Mexico and Honduras. Until now, I didn’t think they would make it to our border. Yet, here they are.

I have heard no shortage of people claiming these are refugees. No, they aren’t. None of these folks meet the criteria needed to claim status as refugees. They are seeking a better life! Are they? How do you know that is their purpose? Do you know all of them?

If these people were refugees, they would have sought asylum in the first country/nation/state they came to. Instead, they continued their jaunt. How did they behave when they arrived? They hurled rocks at our border agents. They put on a show for the television crews. Yeah, refugees my shiny rump.

I watched a video where the host claims that these people are good people and would be a credit to the US. Yet, he offered no evidence to back up his claims. Rather, he ignored the facts and kept putting down his country for not blindly accepting that these people are only here to better their situation.

He continued his rant with much anger and bitterness. America has no compassion for these people! We are part of a global community and are citizens of the world! Actually, we are being compassionate. There are rules and regulations that govern this land. You follow them and you will succeed. Disobedience will result in punishment. I do not understand why this is difficult to grasp.

A friend of mine stated this morning that someone will get shot. Probably. The longer the situation goes on, the greater the possibility is that this will occur. The media will not tell us the truth about it. They are using weapons like tear gas to harm these refugees! No. Tear gas is non-lethal. It is used to disperse crowds. Nice try though.

My biggest issue with this caravan is that it’s a slap in the face of immigrants that come to America the right way. The system is not perfect. However, if you come to America the right way, there is no problem. Yet, so many choose to sneak in. I digress. The government can’t agree on how many genders there are, there is no way they will ever correct this situation.

Take care.

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