The divide….

Yesterday, as I posted my blog I came upon an article that made me shake my head. This article laid out the need to split America into two factions. The Red faction and blue faction. In a state of shock, I could only think we have tried this before….

The Civil War was fought over states trying to split from the union. Yes, I know, revisionist history proclaims it was over slavery. There is always a deeper meaning to actions such as this. Many things can be true at one time. Here are some more reasons why the Civil War was fought:

The money had moved south. Cotton was king and the south was flourishing.

Carpetbaggers were leaving the North to settle in the south to partake in the booming economy.

The Civil War was the bloodiest war in our history. Why would we want to repeat it? Here is a fact concerning the Civil War:

With antiquated weaponry over half a million people were killed during the Civil War. Given the current technology today, it would be feasible to push that number even higher. Again, why do we need to split up America?

In the article, the author explains that the red states keep the blue from progressing. Red states aren’t willing to compromise on healthcare, abortion etc. The red states are problem children! It seems that the author is unable to understand that in each state that is red, there is a number of progressives that reside in said state. What about these folks? Don’t their needs count?

I can understand the frustration that is being felt. I felt that way under President Obama. However, splitting the country in two is not the answer.

Let’s exercise our imagination for a moment. The left takes California, Oregon, New York, and Washington. The right keeps everything else (this was the breakdown from the article). The left is free to accomplish their agenda and the right can do their thing. Let’s assume that one side runs out of money. Is the other side responsible to carry them? What if the right keeps their guns and the left has enforced gun control in their utopia? Do the right just load up and take it from the left?

Do we dissolve the government? What if a foreign power invades California? Does the right have to liberate the left? Do you see the problem with this mentality?

The system is not perfect. However, it has worked up to now. As a society we have lost the ability to compromise. We have progressed to the point that it’s our way or no way. Our politicians act like spoiled children. Entertainers are considered wise sages spouting out their opinions as wisdom. In many ways we have come full circle to the last days of the Roman Empire. All we can do is watch it burn.

God help us all.

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