Christmas, Black Friday, and the holiday spirit….

I am sitting in Hardee’s this morning. Walking in a winter wonderland drifts from the speakers. I contemplate the upcoming holiday season as I munch on the biscuits and gravy that I ordered.

Christmas is a time of joy for many, a time of sadness for others. My personal stance on the season is this: I love the meaning of Christmas. The giddiness of children as they impatiently wait to open their gifts. The food is amazing and people seem to try to be better at this time of year. I like that.

However, there is another side to that coin. The insanity of Black Friday brings out the worst in people. It is a time of madness.The over-commercialization of Christmas is another aspect that I dislike. It seems that some of us have a keep up with the Jones mentality.

Yet, this time of the year is supposed to be about the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a time that is meant to celebrate Him. To remember that he loved us enough to come to earth. He set an example that we should emulate. However, the season has become about the newest toy, car, or jewelry.

It’s my wish that this holiday season is a wonderful experience for each of you. Please take a moment to remember the military personnel who are deployed and can’t be with their families. Eat, laugh and love. Live in the now, and enjoy yourselves.

Take care.

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