Last Sunday evening I had a moment of clarity. It was like I was placed in a bubble. I could do nothing but observe. In a sense of dread, I watched as everything that I had built since my divorce burned down.

The charred embers of my hard work dissipated into the thin winter air. As I struggled to understand what was happening, a simple truth emerged. You are too focused on the future. This simple thought has been racing through my mind for days. Now is the time to be the best person you can be! Now is the time to be the Christian that shows God’s love to people that are hurting! Be at your best in this moment…..because you aren’t promised the next.

Often I hear people say things like, when things slow down or when I get caught up….but things never slow down and we never catch up. In this moment right now, we have our greatest opportunity to encourage our friends. To forgive those that have wronged us. This moment will never occur again. What impression will we leave for someone to remember us by?

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. May God richly bless you and your families.

Take care.

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