Hunting, abortion and barbarism.

Normally, I am able to finish an article that I started reading (whether I agree with the author or not). Normally. However, I started reading an article about Chris Pratt and his recent hunting trip in Texas. I was unable to finish it.

Hunting is barbaric! This simple comment set me off this morning. Seriously? Hunting is how our ancestors provided food for their families. They grew crops, hunted and fished. Every civilization had hunters. Otherwise, we never would have made it this far. THERE WERE NO SAFEWAYS, WALMARTS, or PIGGLY WIGGLY SUPERMARKETS!!!

I find the practice of abortion to be barbaric. It’s my right to choose! Choose what exactly? The murder of an innocent baby so that you can escape the consequences of your irresponsible choice? Abortion is barbarism in motion. Yet, in this topsy turvy world, it is the hunter who is barbaric.

Islam is barbaric. I find it humorous that feminism has no issue with the barbaric practices of Islam. Genital mutilation is a common practice but you don’t hear the feminists speaking out about that. Not my circus, not my monkeys! Women are treated like slaves. Islam allows the buying and selling of slaves but no racket is raised by the feminists here at home.

However, militant feminists and vegetarians are quick to label anything they disagree with as barbaric. You would think that at some point we would move past labeling. What happened to being able to speak your point of view without being slandered? If you or I don’t agree on an issue, why can’t we move past it? When did America become such a pussified, hate-filled sewer?

I digress. Y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Take care.

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