Oh, how I have come to hate this word! What?! Excuse me? As much as I hear this four letter word thrown around with such vehemence, it shouldn’t bother me.

I blame it on the drifting away from social niceties. Once upon a time, people used words such as please, thank you and bless you. These common mannerisms have been replaced with cold terminology such as what?!

To be fair, kids are now being raised by computers and game consoles. Manners have devolved to occasionally grunting to signal acceptance and scowling in disapproval. God forbid, that you state your approval in words. If only it was the kids doing it.

Adults exhibit boorish behavior in lieu of manners. Acidic retorts to questions, a lack of empathy for their fellow citizens and all out rudeness dot our society’s landscape. Where do we think kids learn it?

Manners start at home. The parents are the example of what right looks like. If Susie exhibits bad behavior and callousness, there is a better than average chance that her parents exhibit the same behavior.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Our society is on the brink of collapse and it takes all we have to slow the flow of destruction. I digress.

Take care.

P.S. I am probably going to throat punch the next person who shouts What?! at me.

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