Wannabe Patriots…

If you are driving down the highway or walking through a parking lot, you have probably crossed paths with a tactical patriot. You know, the guy who never served in the military but has a hardcore collection of stickers plastered on their laptops and vehicles. The guys that buy top tier gear and talk about how they dislike the Muslims.

They never seem to have the sac for enlisting and standing in the gap. They would rather stay here, comfort the warriors wives. and talk about stuff they would do if they were in charge. Yeah, let’s baptize those Hajis with freedom! These waste of God-given oxygen live scarless lives with no idea of what freedom actually cost.

It seems that some of these wannabes aren’t above posing as a warrior to reap the benefits of military service. I don’t care for fake veterans or tactical patriots. They disgust me. They have had every opportunity to serve and prove their mettle. I am too hardcore for service! I would punch out my Sergeant for getting in my face! Nah. They don’t have the guts to stand for what they believe in. I digress. It takes all kinds to make this rock spin.

Take care.

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