It seems that my face gives the wrong impression. You’re angry! Frustrated! Constipated! Irritated! On and on the list goes. I am really none of those things.

Tired, sore and broke is more along the lines of what I am. Certain things perplex me. In many ways, if I overthink it, they frustrate me. Maximum effort is given to avoid frustration and stress.

I wish I could control my facial features…it keeps sending the wrong message! I am a lot of things. Angry, frustrated and bitter? Sometimes. However, not always. In my life I attempt to maintain a balance. Yin and yang.

In the end, I suppose I should smile and pretend that the world is my oyster. However, I am not fake. Fake it until you make it! Nah, I am not going to do that. I will struggle until I no longer struggle. I will embrace the suck. I will adapt and overcome. Or die trying.

Take care.

One thought on “Impressions….

  1. You probably inherited that trait from me. I cannot put on a happy face when I’m unhappy…no I cant….but what you see is not what you think you see either! I’ve always had a stern expression…a serious expression…but when I smile it is heart felt! Life is a struggle, I agree, but many rewards await us when this race is finished. Be faithful, do your best and look for your blessings!


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