Rewarding bad behavior.

Jim Acosta has been reinstated to the White House Press Corps. Yay, another victory for the First Amendment! Really?

It’s not about the First Amendment. It never was. This activity was about Jim Acosta behaving badly. Acosta is a grandstanding prick, who hates Trump. He goes out of his way to attack the President and his staff incessantly.

If this was about the First Amendment being under attack, CNN would have lost all access to the White House. The administration did not remove the passes from every person, they removed it from the person who behaved badly.

It is my belief that there should be rules that govern these press conferences. The rules should be enforced at all times. There is no reason a reporter should behave the way that Acosta has recently and in the past. There should respect given to the office of the president and to every reporter that is a member of the press corps. When a member of the press behaves in such a manner, they discredit the entire corps. I suppose that is too difficult of a concept to grasp.

Take care.

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