Why has my mind has drifted to this subject this morning? Death is part of the human condition. We live and we die. Thanks Eve!

Is death the end of all things? It is my belief that the ride is just beginning. I have never died. Yet, I believe that there is life after death. Otherwise, what was the point of Jesus dying for our sins? Religion isn’t my bag!

That is fine. This blog wasn’t meant to be a religious post. However, one can’t discuss death without having a religious connotation. At some point, whether we mean to have a conversation about religion or not, the subject comes up.

Death is just another step in our collective journey. It is not meant to be feared or dreaded. The passing away of loved ones is just another phase in the never-ending chain of life. As we transition from the work force to retirement, so we transition from life to death

I don’t want to grudgingly pass away. I want to slide into my casket, fist in the air, shouting at the top of my lungs, “dang what a ride!”

Mind how you go!

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