Looking back….

I seem reticent to move forward with my life. What if things fall apart? I have already re-built from the ashes of yesterday. Granted, I am not where I long to be. However, my life is better than it was. Looking back, my strides were small but each step brought me out of my own personal hell.

Looking back, I can see my failures and mistakes. The fog of time does not diminish the pain of failure. The future seems as dreary as the past. Choices from my past tarnish my ability to choose in the present. What is the worst that can happen? A lot actually.

The first component of leadership is to make a decision. If only it were this easy. Life would be much simpler if we were free of the consequences of our choices. The past is to show us how to improve. It is not there to hinder us from living. This lesson is one that I still haven’t learned. Living is not existing.

To exist, is merely going through the motions. Unfortunately, most of us must repeat the cycle: work, rest, repeat. This never-ending cycle is known as the meat grinder. It must be constant to keep the creditors at bay. Yet, there must be a better way.

The key it seems lies in realizing that no one lives forever. Seize the day. If life is going to break our backs, then by God we should hold on to the things we cherish most. If all else fails…wing it!

Take care.

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