Jim Acosta and the media circus….

It’s a little after 0100 here in North Mississippi. I have felt ill all day. After helping put in a line at my church, I came home and rested. Check the news and stay informed! I did and I see that the grandstanding Jim Acosta is back in the news.

Here is what I don’t understand. Acosta had his pass pulled because he is a grandstanding prick, because he has no respect for people or the office of the Presidency. Most importantly, he has no respect for his fellow journalists. However, all the media companies have filed a lawsuit to protect the 1st Amendment. Here is some free advice to the media types: Don’t be a jerk. Keep your hands to yourself. If you follow these rules your hard pass will not get pulled!

The freedom of speech is under attack, but not by pulling a jerk’s pass to the White House. It is by political figures who incite violence and spew hateful rhetoric. By making it to where your voice only counts if you agree with the masses. There are too many examples to list but you get the point.

The media has one job: report the facts. That is it. Ask the tough questions and report your findings that are factual. This prima donna, drama queen routine is played out. Get over your ego, do your job and be respectful while you do it.

Mind how you go.

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