Journalism, Trump and Professionalism.

Whoo boy, this latest clash between President Trump and the media is feverish. There must be some common ground found to maintain a tone of civility.

Trump is disrespectful of journalists! Nah. He bashes those who, for the past two years have gone after his family, staff and has dirtied his name. Now understand, he antagonizes the media. He brings a lot of heat upon himself. However, the media has done everything in its power to ruin him and his family.

Trump is unfit for office! He is unprofessional and unpredictable! Again no. How much is one person supposed to take before you engage the people seeking your destruction? I wouldn’t deal with it as long as he has. Journalists went after his son Barron. Kids are off limits, but there is no such thing as limits in today’s society. Red means stop.

Speaking of professionalism and the lack thereof, have you ever heard of Jim Acosta? Joy Reid? Acosta is a bully with a microphone and platform. He has had his White House pass suspended because he put his hands on an intern. This reporter is a shameful disgrace to journalism.

CNN and MSNBC is a cesspool of anything goes, as long as the target is Trump. Yet when President Obama censored the reporter from Fox News, they all cheered. So, in this topsy-turvy world, it’s ok to suppress some people’s 1st Amendment rights as long as they disagree with the masses.

Both sides need to chill out and take a breath. Journalists need to report the facts, and only the facts. Keep your opinion at home. It would also help if the President would lay off of his Twitter use.

Take care.

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