Sunday morning….

I am sitting in the sanctuary. Music softly drifts from the speakers as I contemplate life and death. My brother’s mother-in-law died this morning at 0630.

Death is part of life. We never know when our time is up. I have never understood why people are always in a rush. Why every waking moment must be filled with some type of work. I will sleep when I am dead!

Celebrities are always talking about leaving a legacy. People spend hours, days, and years trying to cultivate something so that people will remember them when they pass away. I am of the opinion, that I want the people who loved me to remember me.

Legacies, followers, and accomplishments do not interest me. I want to live a good life. It is my fervent wish that I am a blessing to someone. That I encourage people to be better today than they were yesterday. To listen and understand when someone confides in me.

At the end of the day, God Almighty will judge us. I hope I am worthy to hear Him say well done.

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