Christianity, homosexuality, and Lauren Daigle.

It appears, that Lauren Daigle has upset quite a few “Christians.” Earlier in the week she was asked if homosexuality was a sin. Bless her heart. I can actually understand why she attempted to give a politically correct answer. There are these things called lawsuits, and people love to sue celebrities (and us poor folks as well). Anyone that has ever read the Bible knows the answer to this question.

Maybe if we did not live in such an “enlightened” society or if people were not so “woke” we could answer this question outright. To have a conversation, there must be two people or a group of people. All parties must be willing to listen and provide feedback to have said conversation. That is not the society that we live in. We live in a society that wants to be offended. They choose to run around spouting off about how they are a victim. I am a victim because I am (name your skin pigment), or (name your ethnicity) or (name your gender) or (name your sexual orientation). The list gets longer and longer every day.

As a Christian I dread getting this question. Because the Scriptures say that Jesus did not come to offend, but to save the lost. In our society it is impossible to hold a different stance without offending everyone who does not share your beliefs. I feel for Lauren Daigle. To be put on the spot and then to receive the backlash that she has received from her fan base is horrible. It is these same people that is criticizing her that will stand up in your face and tell you that you are going to hell. I believe that one of the commandments found in the Bible says to love one another. When did we as Christians forget that part of the Bible?

The Bible is very clear on its stance on homosexuality. That does not mean that we should go around bashing people with our faith. I was going to write that you can politely disagree, but that is no longer the case. You can say that you are not comfortable answering that question. There are a number of ways that an individual can avoid this landmine. Instead,we as Christians want to bash the poor woman for not standing up for her faith. When she actually used language found in the Bible to answer the question. She said that there are people that she loves that are homosexuals. Remember that whole scripture about God is love?

Lauren Daigle is not God. She is not going to judge us, and she will be accountable to the Almighty, just like we will be. This whole situation reminds me of a Scripture. Judge not. Yes, I am aware that there is more to that Scripture, but I figured that I would use the part that is applicable to this issue. Another Scripture reads, “He that is without sin, cast the first stone.” We need to remember that none of us are perfect, and that part of our journey is to love one another. We should be encouraging people like Lauren Daigle. Tearing her down is the wrong thing to do. It is our duty to lift her up in prayer. To ask God to give her wisdom on how to answer these “gotcha” questions.

I am going to end this blog here. Take care of yourselves and we will chat soon.

Freeman out.

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