Well, no rest for the wicked I suppose. My head is aching. The rain is coming down and I am awake.

I decided to see what was new in the video gaming world, since I am not resting. Destiny has killed my favorite character. I am sure it plays into the story but how remains to be seen.

It may come as a surprise to some that I enjoy video games. Why? As an aspiring author, I can appreciate a good story in any format. Film, television, novels, or any other format. I enjoy characters.

Cayde-6 was one of my favorites. I played the original Destiny and felt like this character was my best friend when I loaded into his virtual world. The amount of detail that went into this character was nothing short of amazing. Yes, I am aware that the character is not real. However, it is like when a fan-favorite character from a movie dies. You still feel a sense of loss.

Great characters don’t die, they retire. Hours upon hours are given to creating memorable characters. Part of the creative process is designing and playing a character. From the depths of your imagination comes a character that will change your life forever.

In Borderlands 2 they killed off Roland. Destiny killed Cayde-6. The death of a character, especially one that is loved, often propels a story into another level. Characters live on in our memories and sometimes they return to the story that spawned them. Darth Vader is a prime example of this. They took the character and wrote three prequel movies around him. Hence, the great character never fades away.

The art of storytelling is never without the death of a character. At the end of the day, it is part of the process.

Take care.

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