Hate….Part II

I see where a Jewish Synagogue was targeted by a madman with a gun. This in turn comes on the wings of some Unabomber-wannabe. As a warped individual, I often think of some pretty far-fetched craziness, however, I have never wondered what it is like to shoot up a church, synagogue, temple, or mosque. Never have I considered the best way to attack innocent people. What kind of sick mind thinks that these type of actions are okay?

It will not be long until the politicians start throwing around gun control ideas again. These guns keep acting badly! Or perhaps it is time to revisit the video game/movie angle. Those violent video games have these young whippersnappers shooting up everything! At no time will the blame be placed squarely where it belongs….on the parents that failed to raise their kids right or notice that little Johnny may have had a few screws loose.

The correlation between violent behavior and a lack of empathy is so strong that George Lucas could probably feel the Force in the backside of nowhere. A lack of respect for human life is what leads to such actions. I wonder where they could have stumbled upon that? Perhaps, it is located in a society that allows people to murder children to escape their responsibilities for getting pregnant. Abortion is nothing more than an escape from responsibility. A “get out of jail” free card. It is no wonder that people do not respect the sanctity of life anymore. We have lost touch with the most important aspects of being decent human beings.

At the end of the day, it is going to be what it is going to be. There is nothing that you and I can do to change it. The only exception is to change leadership, and that is only accomplished via voting. I digress, and I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday evening.

Take care.

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