I have been awake since 0325. The rain woke me up. Going to the flea market rest upon the rain slowing down. Since, I am not leaving until Saturday afternoon it is my hope that we have a good day and make some sales.

I am a week away from starting the Nanowrimo challenge. I am trying to focus on the novel that I hope to complete in thirty days. It will be difficult but I think that I can do it.

Tonight is game three of the World Series (Go Red Sox!) maybe the Red Sox will sweep the Dodgers! The Dodgers have been public enemy number one from my youth. Here is to hoping we take another

My mom is up with me and we are drinking coffee. Chunk is sprawled out in her lap, and the coffee is hitting the spot this morning. Supercop is playing on the television. It is quiet this morning. The rain continues to beat down outside, but it is nice and cozy in here.

That is it for this early morning. Hopefully, the day will clear up.

Take care.

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