Dreary day….

It has been a dreary, rainy day here in Tennessee. We have unloaded a trailer, took some gear up to my parent’s flea market, went to Goodwill and came home and ate a sandwich. My dad and mom is watching the Houston Texans take on the Miami Dolphins. I am sitting here attempting to write something for my blog. Unfortunately, this is rain is keeping me from posting anything on it at this moment.
Tomorrow, my dad and I will be working at the flea market. Hopefully, this rain will slack off and we will be able to do some business. Of course, it will be Friday. Most folks will be at work, so traffic may be light. However, it will be a nice way to spend a Friday. Time spent with my mother and father is never wasted. Besides, I will be the recipient of more Southern hospitality.
Well, that will do it for this evening. Tomorrow will be another day to get it right (unless I pass away tonight).
Take care.

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