Good morning….


It is quiet here this morning. Mission Impossible 2 is playing in the background, and I am alone with my thoughts this morning. My mother’s dog Dixie is adding her two cents via her snoring. My pup is passed out on the pillow in the corner.

Yesterday, my dad and I was talking about how the Amish live their lives. It seems like a good deal. No insurance, no electricity, no gas bill, education ends at the 8th grade or age 14, they are handy and possess more than one trade skill, the community thrives because every member contributes, and so much more. As much as I can appreciate the dedication to their lifestyle, there is no way that I could do it. Modern convenience has ruined me. Perhaps, if I had been raised that way, then it would appear to be such a hard thing to do.

The thought did occur to me however, that simplifying my life would not be as difficult as a full-scale conversion. I could get rid of the things that clutter up my life, the things that do not add beauty or value, and live in a simple manner. The truth of the matter is that regardless of how simple we may want our lives to be, we are drawn to conflict and complications. Hence the adage, “Anything worth having doesn’t come easy.” Given the truth of that statement, I will keep my life as it is.

Take care.

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