Writing off people.


Have you ever noticed that you never get a second chance with some people? I have. Often, I am the person that runs out of chances. When God made us, He must have put a meter inside of us. Once you hit this magic number, you’re done. I have missed out on good friends because of bridge burning. As I age, my life seems to slip more and more into isolation. This isn’t what I want to happen, however, it is happening before my eyes. Age brings crankiness. Frustrations abound, and there is the looking back at what you have failed to accomplish. There is no life in the past. Yet, it doesn’t keep us from dwelling there.

It seems that there is no sign that you are being written off as a lost cause. Warning signs may be given, and we the hopeless don’t see them or ignore them. Either way, few people are willing it seems to give you another chance. I am one that doesn’t see the point in giving a second chance to people who take advantage of my nature, or treats me as a tool to be used in achieving what they hope to accomplish. However, after much reflection I can see what this mentality has cost me. According to my mother, I am too harsh with people. You expect too much from people son. Jesus, why can’t you just not expect them to toe some invisible line? So, with such sound advice in mind, I have decided that perhaps it is time for me to re-visit my standing policy of writing off individuals who cause me pain. It may or may not be beneficial to me, but we will see if I can truly change who I am. To be or not to be, that is the question.

That’s it for this morning. You guys have a great day.

Take care.

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