Well, the day did not progress to a smooth ending, but we loaded up the ’67 Buick Skylark, thirty 1X10 pieces of poplar lumber to repair my dad’s shop, and ate a great Southern meal (fried chicken, mac and cheese, scratch biscuits, and fried okra). A nice hot shower and I am no cuddled up with my laptop.

In the morning, my father and I will head to my stomping grounds to unload this load of stuff. We will probably move a 40 foot container and repair his shop tomorrow. Then it will be back to Tennessee to load up the rest of his shop. I will be here until Friday morning and then I will make the drive home. Hopefully, we can get most of this work done within the next 2-3 days.

I miss my days in the Army. I would make the arrangements to move to another location, and the Army would send people to pack up my stuff and transport it to the new base.  Those were the days. My father and mother have some very nice stuff and I would hate to be the one to destroy any part of the stuff they have worked so hard for. As we loaded the Skylark my heart about gave out on me.

Take care.

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