Rainy morning…..


I have woken to the sound of rain tapping out a tune on my tin roof. Tap, tap, tap, tap the rain continues. It has been unusually rainy the past couple of weeks. By no means am I complaining. It is crop harvesting time around here, and rain can make it difficult to do that. The cool weather brings rabbit, squirrel, and deer season with it. Cardinals are seen hunting for food, turkeys are out in large numbers, and the leaves lose their grasp on the limbs that have supported them for so long. It seems that fall is upon us and winter may be closing in.

In the Bible, Elijah tells the king that there will be no rain for three years. King Ahab is unable to kill him because Elijah tells him that only the word from him can break the drought. In my mind, I picture a sun-parched landscape. Everything is dead from the lack of water, prices soar at the vendors, and the scarcity of water begins to kill the most stout-hearted individuals. Human beings and animals can’ t survive without water. Given that the human body is largely water it is a necessity. The heart and brain is 73% water, the lungs is 83% water, the bones that compose of the skeleton is 31% water, the skin covering the skeleton is 64%, muscles and kidneys are 79% water. That is a lot of water.

Given the necessity of water in the cycle of life, one should be careful when complaining about the rain. Water is essential to all life, whether it is human or plant. Well, I better get the day started.

Take care.



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