PTSD and Horror.

Seems like tonight is my night to be a wimp. I have been in quite the mood today, and it seems to all be linked to my time in the military. PTSD has reared its head again today. In my mind, I can hear the rapid hammering of machine guns firing and the roar of the tanks. The whoop-whoop-whoop of helicopter rotors churning the air. Closing my eyes gives me the full access pass to the show. It will pass, it always does.

Some nights are worse than others. The common thing about this crap is that it pops up when you least expect it to. Things will be fine and then…bam. Surprise idiot! It is not enough to have done some of the crap that we had to do to come home. Oh no, let’s relive it. Funny thing about tonight and the recent bout with PTSD is that it popped up while watching Bosch. Season three deals with the military and private contractors. Of course its Hollywood, therefore, it only makes sense to turn us into the bad guys.

Ah well, this too shall pass. I am going to try to rest some. So, I will see if my inner turmoil wants to cuddle. Take care.



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