Today’s crap….

Bad dayIt has been a day so far….I really can’t wait to put this one in the books. It has just been a blah kind of week. Typing this post is just another futile exercise as my fingers revel in their fatness and keep striking the wrong keys. My brain and fingers are refusing to cooperate and that pretty much sums up this entire week.

Sure, there have been high points. I have been able to spend time with my mother and father…plus my grandmother. That is always nice. I have spoken to my lady friend every night so far, another plus and my brother has reached out this week as well. So, as far as that goes, all is well. However, the sound has gone out on my tv, I am out of gas in both vehicles, which means that I will be without church for the next two weeks. Then there is the airline ticket I am supposed to buy for my daughter. Finances are failing me and we are quickly moving into the most expensive time of the year.

It will work out, it always does. There is no use worrying about it until the situation presents itself.

Take care.

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