Rainy day blues…..

Today is a rainy day here in North Mississippi. It has rained off and on all day. Generally, I like rainy days. It is good snuggling weather, especially since fall is right around the corner. Alas, today has just sort of passed by rather lazily. The rain has fell just enough to make it impossible to do anything productive, and hard enough to make my internet connection to slow to do anything with. It seems that time moves ever so slowly when it rains. Usually, time flies by but today it is just eeking by. Today has totally sucked in every way possible.

Days like today make my head hurt. There is nothing to do but sit back and read. Oh, you have read a couple of books today….too bad….read some more. One can only read so much before your eyes get heavy and you want to power nap your day away. Then I would be up all night. Drudgingly, I make do. Ah well, I digress. Life will speed up before I know it, I should enjoy the down time.

You guys take care.

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