Mention poetry and it is like you have assaulted the ears of your audience. However, it has me thinking this morning. What is poetry? Personally, I think that the definition of poetry is hard to nail down. It depends on several things, your mood, the author’s mood, the circumstance that made you read it, and so on.

Poetry is the gateway to emotion. It is the giggling parent that throws back the blankets of your bed on a cold, winter morning. It is the warm embrace of a lover. Poetry is the mischievous glint in the eyes of a child. The passion-filled romance of a young couple, and the heart-rending sorrow that the loss of the love of your life brings. There is no link in life, that poetry does not fill. It is the laughter, tears, joy and sorrow of life put into words.

Recently, I was introduced to the magnificent works of Billy Collins. His wit and charm is only matched by his sarcasm and humor. I have always been a fan of poetry, some of my favorites include but is not limited to: T.S. Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and now Billy Collins. In a few words, these talented wordsmiths craft the perfect poem to capture the emotions that ravage our hearts. Frost, in the poem Blueberries, describes the blueberry in such a way that it makes the heart yearn for spring. All the while, he is writing about theft, and the Loren’s and their politeness. Collins aptly captures the feeling of freedom concerning urinating outdoors, and the death of the English language.

If there is an emotion that is felt by the human heart, then there is most assuredly a poem that puts it into words. While it captures the very heart and soul of emotion, there seems to be few who can appreciate the work of these individuals. Writing poetry is an art. If everyone could do it, poetry would lose the luster that it creates.

It is with a thankful heart that poetry is a part of my world. Emotions may come and go, but great poems stand the test of time. In a hustle-and-bustle world, poetry is the perfect antidote to restore balance in the world.

Take care.

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