Human Interaction….


Why does it seem like a person lives an incomplete life if they are not married? Is being single that big of a curse? This thought woke me up this morning. I have been single for seven years now. I apologize, in two days it will be seven years. On October 18, 2011 the final nail was driven into my marriage. It died a slow, miserable and very public death. Then with the passing of the sentence it was over.

I miss companionship to be honest. There is no greater thing physically than to come home and have someone share your day with. To ride out the storms of life with you, to make the good times better by their being there. However, all of this is possible by being single as well. When you are single, you can fill your life with friends, and have a partner to share these times with as well. It’s not the same. Maybe. Yet, there is something about marriage that is more powerful than being single.

You definitely should not marry just for companionship. Or sex. In every case you should not marry for love either. Love is not edible, it does not pay your bills (unless you are in the world’s oldest profession) and at some point love fades into tolerance. So, you should probably like the person that you marry as well. A foundation of friendship is essential to a long-lasting marriage. Mind you, this is only my opinion and conjecture. It is apparent that if I had any idea of what I am doing when it comes to marriage, there would not be an X in the box indicating my failure in this subject.

Well, that pretty much sums it up this morning. Mind how you go. Take care.

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