It seems that today is meant to be a day of soul-searching and reflection. Days like today makes me feel very uncomfortable. In many ways, reflection serves as a tool to help us stay on the right path, however, reflection often brings inconvenient  truths as well. As an example, I have a terrible temper. Reflection may show me how to correct my temper but may bring back examples of when I truly gave in to the dark power of my temper. Therefore, it stands to reason that reflection is a dual-edged sword that cuts down to the entire root of the problem.

Questions may arise from the soul-searching as well. Why am I okay with being alone? Why does everyone leave? Am I truly undesirable or is my personality atrocious? Why does a black cow, eat green grass, and produce white milk? There is no expiration date or limit to the questions that may come from reflection, thankfully they don’t require answers.

Take care.

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