Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and the call for civil unrest.

9e394a594b1fc2b24b0a4060905a04b9Interestingly enough, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton has chosen today to sound the call for civil unrest. Eric Holder, fresh from stating, “when they go low, we kick them” has called for rage. This after declaring that the highest court in America is illegitimate. Hillary “no civility until we have power” Clinton, is also calling for civil unrest. Do these people not understand what they are pushing for?

I think they know exactly what they are pushing. They understand the depth of rage felt by all Americans, the division that was caused by eight years of inept leadership, and the anarchists that march in our streets. It seems that these idiots have waited for this exact moment to push for civil unrest. Every gun owner in America needs to take heed, under no circumstance should you use a weapon to back down Antifa. Only in the preservation of your life, or the life of your family should it be used. These clowns are looking for any instance to capitalize on one mistake.

It breaks my heart to see my newsfeed filled with people wanting a civil war here in America. We have already had one. We do not need a second civil war. If people think that the first civil war was bloody, wait until you get your wish. In this modern society, with all of the high-tech equipment available, it will be a freaking massacre. Let’s not forget, the government will also be involved in a second civil war. That means they will be backed with the full might of the United States Military. This will also include every government agency that is in the intelligence field (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.).

These politicians that keep calling for civil unrest knows that as soon as civil unrest breaks out here in America, they can make their move and no one can stop them. Martial law will be declared, states will choose sides, and mayhem will erupt everywhere. Let us not forget that we have soldiers still in warzones all across the globe. A civil war between the citizens of this country will leave our servicemen and women vulnerable overseas. It will leave our borders unsecured and provide a prime opportunity for our enemies to attack us at will.

Holder and Clinton should be ashamed of themselves. Holder proclaimed today that a “new Democratic party” had risen from the ashes of the old one. Nah man, it is the same party it has always been. The party that birthed the Ku Klux Klan, pushed for abortion, screeches for mob rule, and is willing to sacrifice everything for power. Sounds exactly like the same party to me. I find it interesting that the Democrats finally got the guts to reveal exactly what they are. Thugs, bandits, mobsters wearing three piece suits, that is what they are. Criminal masterminds who have convinced a portion of the population that they have your best interest at heart.

I suppose that today was meant for me to be political. I am not a fan of political discourse, but this crap is crazy. It seems that these fools know that something bad is going to happen. One idiot has already attempted to murder Republican Senators at ball practice. What is next? It sounds like they are trying to amp up the fringe elements into a frenzy and waiting to see what will occur. It is absolutely sickening to watch these representatives at work. They can screech all they want about how it is the Republicans who are causing the unrest, however, it wasn’t Republicans who tried to destroy a man’s life last week. Mob rule must be stopped. There is no place in a civil society for mob rule.

If a civil war does break out, a large number of innocents will be destroyed in the process. These idiots do not care who gets hurt, they don’t care what they have to sacrifice, as long as their party rules the ashes of what is left. It is truly a sad day in America when people that are in power call for the destruction of its own citizenry. In many ways I feel as helpless as the Romans must have felt when Nero destroyed his own empire. God help us all.

Take care of each other.

4 thoughts on “Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and the call for civil unrest.

  1. Just the thought that such a thing could be be possible is terrifying. Life is so precious. Life is short! We as a nation deserve peace of mind…but looks like some folks despise that possibility! God help us in these disturbing times…help our children, grandchildren


  2. I am an anomaly…a left-leaning moderate living in the South which puts me to the left of Stalin compared to some here. I’ve spent my entire life in South Carolina and worry daily about the continuation of the Civil War. I say continuation because for some it has never ended nor will it.

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