Mary, the “mother” of all Christians?

I have a friend who is a Catholic. Today, he posted that Mary is the mother of all “true” Christians, and Jesus is our brother. He claims that it is a logical train of thought. That with Mary being the mother of Jesus, she is in fact our mother in the spiritual sense. I don’t know about all that. It seems to be a bit incestuous  when stated that way.

I can understand the curiosity of my friend. He was an agnostic for many years. He has converted to Catholicism and he is eager to discover the history of his church and the Bible. However, one Scripture stands out to me. It states, “we walk by faith, not by sight.” In no sense am I a Bible scholar. It does reason that logic is faulty when it comes to our spiritual walk.

I would comment on his post, but every time that I do it results in an argument. I am not interested in debating the history of my church, nor am I interested in watching people dismantle my faith and tell me that I am wrong. The Bible clearly states to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. In the end, Jesus Christ is the Righteous Judge and he will let us all know who is right and wrong.

That is it for now, you guys take care.

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