Hillary Clinton…..

The old gal is putting her foot in her mouth again. She is now in the news claiming that, “you can’t be civil to a political party that wants to destroy everything you stand for.” Say again, over…..you are coming in broken and retarded. Now as a person who does not care too much for political discourse, this seems like an ill-thought out piece of verbiage. I am no fan of the Clinton family. However, this is extreme even for them.

I was once told by a superior in the military, “we may all be equal, but we are not all peers.” Meaning, we do not all have the same amount of mental strength or brain power. Given the state of society today, do you want to make such open-ended statements such as the one listed above? If I was a lunatic with a gun, this sounds like open season on anyone with a different viewpoint from mine.  She did not come right out and state that violence must be used to retake the Senate, however, if a nut reads into it, that meaning can be derived from her statement.

I just did what I was told to do! That simple statement has been used to justify some of the most heinous actions ever perpetrated  on mankind. What if some idiot shoots up a political rally? Is it admissible in court to use her statement as evidence of a command to commit violence on one parties behalf? I am a Constitutional Conservative, I believe in the spirit of the Constitution that was penned by the Founding Fathers of this country. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state, that it is okay to incite violence on the other side if you are losing.

This may not be what Hillary is suggesting, but it is irresponsible on her behalf to make statements that can be misconstrued to this degree. She has been in politics long enough to know that the fringe elements on both sides do not need a push to be violent. Antifa is a political tool of the Democrats, and elements of the DNC support their use of violence. We no longer can discuss an issue like grown-ups.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, a school teacher tweeted, “So who is gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” This is an example of the extreme hatred from the left. Win at all cost, we don’t care who we have to kill or destroy! Samantha Ness, is the school teacher’s name, and she has since resigned from her job. Well, I suppose now she has time to do all the things that she wants to do.

A writer for the Late Show tweeted, “I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life.” Another fine example of the tolerant left. I could spend all day finding examples of hatred and violence that is part of the daily bailiwick of the Democratic Party. It is no longer a party of tolerance, it is a party of power hungry individuals who will destroy everything that this country stands for, to attain it.

The queen bee of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton herself, has called half of America deplorables, xenophobes, Islamaphobes, and other such titles. Yet, she wonders why she lost not one election, but two. She is expected to announce her third attempt for the White House  after her interview tour. They must be broke again. My fondest wish is that she does run again. People may not have a lot going for them, but we do have long memories. Ah well, I better hush before I get suicided.

Take care.

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