Good morning….

It is morning here in North Mississippi. The day is still young, and I figure that writing this morning is the way to get the day started. My path today is still uncertain, however, I am sure that it will fill up quickly. This evening, I will tackle math again to prepare for my test date (the 18th). It has proven to be something of a sticking point for me. However, the instructor has provided me with material to refresh myself on the basic formulas that has long been ignored. Math seems to be like building a house. You have the foundations and all of the rules that apply, then you build upon that knowledge. Sigh. In the end, it will be an accomplishment if I can pass this course. Math is the only course I have left to pass. If I can pass it, then I will be the proud owner of a high school transcript.

That is it for this morning. You guys take care.

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