Kavanaugh and the left-slant of the media.

It comes as no surprise that not everyone is happy with Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. However, as I peruse the news this morning, the slant against Kavanaugh seems to be more resentful than usual. The Washington Post states, “This is a partisan Supreme Court . . . and they’re the ones that are going to have to try to make it nonpartisan, because we can’t do it at this point.” This statement is from Doug Jones, a Democrat Senator from Alaska. He must have been asleep throughout this entire debacle.

This entire fiasco was started by the Democrats. Dianne Feinstein sat on an accusation for six weeks until she thought it would help the Democrats in next month’s mid-term elections. Then it was an all-out assault on the Constitution and Kavanaugh. Led once again, by the Democrats. They cried until they got an investigation from the FBI. Then it wasn’t in-depth enough. Then they wanted it delayed. On an on the list of demands continued. Every victim must be heard! Unless, you happen to be Juanita Broaddrick. Then you should be silent.

If we ever turn into a society where you are guilty until proven innocent, we are in deep trouble. There will never be enough proof to clear your name. Much of this crap was caused by the #MeToo movement. Many of the people that were accused are innocent. Sure, there are always those who are guilty, however, when you decide that every woman should be believed because she is a woman…well, things get crazy from there. If there was any legitimacy to Ford’s claim, she would have had evidence. She lied about her fear of flying, had no idea who paid for her polygraph, could not remember details concerning the party, location or any of the pertinent details, and yet wants to be believed. Speaking of polygraphs, when was the last time that there were only two questions asked during it?  Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales too, then I grew up.

In the end, Kavanaugh was confirmed. Now the big worry is that he will use his position to stick it to the people who accused him with no proof. Well, maybe you shouldn’t accuse people of rape with no evidence. I would definitely go after them and would not care who knew it. I would sue everyone of them. Defamation of character is a real thing, and it should be punished. If you are worried about it now, you should have worried about it when you assassinated the character of an innocent man. You should have never defaced his property, or harassed his wife and kids. In the end, the Democrats has revealed what they are about. Their motto seems to be : Win at all cost, regardless of who you have to step on. If you can’t cheat and win, harass, destroy and divert attention from your role in it.

I find it ironic and hypocritical that the Democrats, once again, have embraced the tactics that created the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. They use people to intimidate others. Don’t believe me? Ted Cruz and his wife was chased out of a restaurant in Washington D.C. due to the Kavanaugh hearings. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was denied service in Virginia. Maxine Waters calls for violence and harassment of Trump and his cabinet. These are just a few examples of such intimidation tactics. Antifa and Black Lives Matter has also used violence to further their views and agendas. Everyone that I know has a problem with the Klan and their use of masks to hide their identity. However, if you are a violent leftist wearing a ski mask to cover your identity as part of Antifa, it is all fine and well. Your hypocrisy is showing.

This entire façade isn’t even about Kavanaugh. It is about killing due process in the American justice system. Here is some evidence to back up my claim. Under the Patriot Act, you can be jailed indefinitely without trial, the government can monitor religious and political institutions without suspicion of criminal activity, and you can be jailed without being charged, or be able to confront the witnesses against you. Also, the government can monitor conversations between attorneys and clients in jail, and they can prosecute record keepers and librarians if they disclose that the government has subpoenaed any of your information. The government can also search your house and paperwork without a warrant as long as they say it is for a terror investigation. Are you convinced now that due process is dying a slow death?

Let’s see how many amendments the Patriot Act violates. Freedom of speech, check. Freedom from illegal search and seizure, check. Freedom of a fair and speedy trial, check. Three of the first ten amendments are violated in this act. However, I am sure that the government only has your best interest at heart. Surely, they would not hold us without reasons or deny us an attorney. Given the broad powers granted under the Patriot Act, not only are our fundamental rights eroded, but these powers can be used to target ordinary citizens.

The government is the good guys….they wouldn’t target someone without just cause…right? Let’s look and see. The Nazi’s targeted ordinary citizens, and ended up murdering 11 million Jews. In Cambodia, Pol Pot had some one million citizens murdered. Stalin, Mussolini and many others have used genocide on large amounts of people for not toeing the line that they drew.

From my own experience, Saddam Hussein killed somewhere between 400,000-500,000 of his own people during his reign. During my first deployment, when we needed to have a break from the chaos of war, we were sent to a re-transmission station for a couple of days to relax. At the bottom of this hill was one of Saddam’s palaces. I got to tour it. Gold was used in every aspect of the palace, but what caught my attention was the smell. A lake was in the back of the palace and it was full of dead bodies of women and children. These people were raped and killed by Saddam Hussein and sons. Over 3,000 bodies were discovered when the engineers drained the lake. The ground was white from the lime that had been poured out to keep the smell down. Go ahead and believe that the government is your friend. Any government that is big enough to give you what you want, is big enough to take what it wants from you.

That is all. Take care, and may God richly bless you and your families.







Human rights in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq – Wikipedia

4 thoughts on “Kavanaugh and the left-slant of the media.

  1. As usual I agree to your poignant description of far left but they are so left of left their going in circles killing due process was extreme even for them. What has gotten my attention and dander up turned is how every news outlet agrees with what ever they and propagate their stance by spinning it even further to the left, all except fox news. Now if I were a flock of sheep I would due as sheep do and follow the majority and side with the sheep. Well I can honestly say I’ve tried mutton and don’t care for it one bit, it leaves a foul taste in my mouth I just can’t and won’t stomach.


  2. Well, I think it is uplifting that Mr Kavanaugh got his rightful seat in the Supreme Court. It is disgusting to witness American citizens behave in such a terrible manner! When are we going to get enough of it?


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