What a day…..

Man, I hate plumbing.  I gotta get it done today. Winter is coming, and I do not want to have repair broken pipes all winter, like the last two. Thank God for whoever invented PEX pipe. It is expensive, but hopefully this will be one of the best investments I have made in some time. It was slow going, but we finally got it done. Instead of running water into my guest bedroom, I ran it into the master bedroom and bathroom. Hopefully, this will limit the amount of pipe that I have to use from now on. Now to lose about 65 pounds so I can squeeze into the low areas where the pipe must go. All total, I spent about 350 bucks buying the pipe and fittings. While the cost up front sounds steep, if it doesn’t break, then it will pay for itself this winter. There is nothing like peace of mind. Ah well, I hope you guys have had a great day. Take care.

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