Long day….

Today has been a long day. It started at around 7 this morning. I figured I would get on the road this morning, beat the crowds and take care of my bills by 0930. For the most part, I did. The State of Mississippi had claimed that I had surrendered my tag on my truck and I was in need of a new one. Finally, my replacement title came in and I bought me a new license plate. Best 35 bucks I have ever spent. Lights, water, rent, child support, and internet all got paid. The blood-sucking lawyers got paid as well.

I met a sweet lady for lunch at this Middle Eastern restaurant. It was a pleasant experience. We enjoyed a entrée that included: lamb and steak, hummus, baba something another with toasted pita bread. It was very good. Afterwards, I went and took a TABE test, to see if my math skills had fallen. Thankfully, they remained steady-ish. I lack only passing math to complete my High School Equivalency certification. I graduated high school and received a diploma, however, they did not provide me with a transcript. Colleges now want you to have a transcript. So, only math is keeping me from going to college.

The day has ended with me back at home safe an sound. After visiting my parents for a few moments, I checked out my dad’s new joiner/planer machine. Plus, all the goodies that he found while he was out and about. He brought mom a beautiful ceramic butter churn, and several old tools littered the back of his pickup. I swear the man has a nose for bargains. Anyway, I helped him move his new toys into his shop and I came home. It was an eventful day, but I am glad to be home.

Take care.

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