Today is still kind of blah.

Today has been one of those non-descriptive type of days. You wake up, get dressed, lack the motivation to get started, do something, hate everything you did, and spend the rest of the day wondering what is going on. That sums up my day. It is going to end on a positive note though. The lady that I love to be around is coming over. I plan to enchant her evening with sweet nothings, Endeavour, and maybe some conversation.

I had an interesting debate about Catholicism. The reason that it was so interesting is that I am not a Catholic. There has been research done to help me “bone up” on the history of the church, but nothing compares to what I stepped in. As we voiced our opinions over Facebook, it seemed that nothing was changing. They were not changing their minds, and I was not changing mine. It was like two billy goats butting heads. Around and around we went. “Jesus said this….” or “Tradition and history say this….” In the end, nothing was resolved.  It seemed like a prolonged debate about nothing.

This never-ending conversation about the Catholic Church being the church that Jesus started got me thinking. Politics, and religion are some of the most divisive topics that can be discussed, and usually, they are topics that incite violence. However, minus a couple of statements that could be viewed as insulting, the debate was handled in a pleasant manner. Why can’t we all discuss things without resorting to violence, or slandering each other? There is no reason that we can’t express our opinions without verbally assaulting each other.

Speaking of character assassination, the Kavanaugh debacle reached a new low today. My head hurts from even considering the repercussions that will come from the delay. I am sure that it will be some fresh hell. What happened to compromise? Some things should not be compromised. Your family, integrity and a slew of other things spring to mind, however, in a situation such as this there is no harm in reaching a peaceful solution.

Ah well, I digress. You guys take care, and I will chat with you soon.

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